SDAA Saturday!

It’s that time Again! 

 Chapter I’m very sore…


I woke up in what looked like a hospital. I felt like I’d just been thrown in a clothes dryer with pieces of broken glass and steel. But as I looked down at my hands and chest, there wasn’t a single mark…

“What in the hell?” I blast in my shock.

“Oh, you’re awake…” says the voice coming from outside the door, “I’ll be right there!” he says as he runs through the door.

“Minus? Is that you?”

“In the flesh.” He replies. “Speaking of flesh, yours looks great.” He looks over at the monitor to my left, “blood pressure looks good, heart rate slightly elevated… naturally, considering the circumstances.” He walks over to the end of my bed and taps on my feet, “Can you feel that?” he asks. I nod. “Good! Now slowly sit up?”

I do as he says, “What happened?” I ask.

“What happened was, you impressed a lot of people… including me.”

“I mean, what happened to me? I should be as beaten up as Mike Myers’ career…”

Minus chuckles a little. “The Corps takes pride in being at the cutting edge of every possible science, we control a few labs in Dreyburn city that have been working on a healing stimulant. We’ve been slowly injecting you with it over the last 10 hours.”

“Why isn’t it available on the market?” I ask.

“It’s not ready yet… we’ve been tinkering with it for a while, and as miraculous as it’s healing factor is, unfortunately any attempt to combine it with any kind of pain relief medication causes it to have the same effect as Cyanide… so at this point it provides an enhanced cosmetic recovery but as for the pain, it will take the usual time for it to fade.”

“Minus, I was just tortured and woke up with the worst headache of my life… use small words!”

“You won’t see anything, but you’ll feel everything. Try to avoid taking shots to the ribs… I’m a good doctor, but I’m not that good. They’ll need a few weeks to properly heal.” He says dryly. “Now get some rest. Dwight will be here soon.”

“Are you a doctor?” I ask.

“In my past life, yes… but that was a long time ago.”

“What happened?”

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you my life story, Aaron.”

“How about the dot points?”

“Fine,” he reluctantly agrees. “I graduated med school in my late teens, in my 20’s I was one of the most accomplished young doctors in the country… then my wife and child were murdered. I tracked down their killers and used my extensive knowledge of anatomy and surgery to kill them. It wasn’t pretty… I was headed for death row, and Dwight approached me.” He walks toward the door. “Officially Max Minus died when the prison caught fire… yet here I am.” Then he leaves.

A few moments later, Dwight enters the room, Clapping slowly…

“Get the hell out of that bed boy… We have we need to get started.” He says smiling slightly sadistically.

“Bring it on.” I reply as I rise out of the bed.  

See ya next #SDAASaturday

peace out homies



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