Are we still doing this? okay…. here’s the next one.

Okay, here’s the next one. let’s not drag this out. 

Chapter Something or other


Dwight insists that I’m beyond the point of basic training, so he immediately starts my ass on an advanced training regimen. I stayed at the HQ the entire time…

My days would start at 5am, when Lennox would walk me through intensive weapons combat training for 2 hours.

Then at 7, North would beat the snot out of me for ages and call it ‘combat exercises’….

Then at 10:30 I’d get to eat.

At 11, Minus ran me through human anatomy and tactics training.

At 1, Minus would test me on what I’d learned with rigorous puzzles and strategy sessions.

Then I got a snack. For 5 minutes.

At 3 Dwight would take me for martial arts training.

At 5 Lennox would pick me up for weapons training.

Then I’d get another 5-minute snack break at 7.

At 5 past 7, North would take give me strength and conditioning training.

At 9:30, I’d eat dinner.

At 10, I’d be faced against several opponents at a time until I beat them all, and I could sleep when it was finished.

Every day for two weeks, mixed with tests and challenges designed to push me to the limits and shatter them.

The first few days were the most difficult, but after that, it became like breathing. I’d just remember my goal, my purpose for the pain, and before long when Lennox came to pick me up in the morning, he’d find me awake and waiting for him.

If this was a movie, the last few weeks would’ve flown by in a minute or so, set to some song from the 80’s and in every shot, I’d get better and better… but in real life, I aced everything in the first two days. No montage necessary.

 Dwight says I’m his best student… I’m actually tempted to believe him. I’ve taken a hundred tests and received a hundred perfect scores.

“Well done, Aaron.” Dwight says, leading me towards my final exam. “I knew you were going to be great, but had no idea just how great. You’ve surpassed all my expectations of you. Tonight, you take the last step towards the rest of your life.”

“No pressure…” I smirk.

“No pressure.” Dwight chuckles.

“What happens if I fail this test?”

“We try again, and again, and again. We try as many times as it takes for you to pass.” Dwight stops in front of a door, “Here it is, Aaron. Your final test.” He says as he hands me a belt with a knife, a few pouches and a tranquilizer dart gun.

“What do I do, Boss?” I ask, as I put the belt on.

“There’s a red flag at the back of this room, retrieve the flag and bring it back to me.”

“That’s it?” seems like a pretty simple task compared to the others…

“That’s it.” Dwight grins. “The flag has your new designated codename printed on it, once you bring it back to me, you’re officially in the system. Good luck.”

Dwight opens the door, and I walk inside.

The door slams behind me, leaving me locked inside the pitch-black room. I attempt to find my way to the flag in the dark when a bright spotlight points directly at the flag. It also illuminates the 10 masked assassins surrounding the flag.

“Hi there boys… I don’t suppose you’re here to hand me the flag?” they draw their knives and tranquiliser rifles. “Figures.”

They’re wearing night vision goggles; hiding in the dark would be useless.
I quickly examine my belt; a knife, Dart gun, 12 darts, 3 micro gas grenades, 3 micro flash-bang grenades, and a spare pouch for storage… I have an idea, but I need it to be darker.

I dart across the room and make my way towards the ceiling light, fighting off a few agents as I do, flipping one over and blocking the tranq darts being fired at me. He’s armoured so it’s likely to just bruise. I grab a flash grenade and hurl it at the light, smashing it and showering the room in bright, blinding light… Night vision goggles don’t work too well in bright lights.

By the time their eyes adjust back to the complete dark, I’ve already taken out half of them. Night vision goggles work fine, if you put them on after the blinding light. I quickly take out the other 5, grab the flag, and head back towards the door.

I open the door, and instead of Dwight, there’s a small army, all armed with tranq rifles. I slam the door and try to barricade it with my butt.

Okay, thinking time. What’s in here that I can use… Unconscious guys, a flag and my belt. My belt! I use my belt to tie the door shut while I gather what I can off of the knocked-out agents…

New inventory.

Fully Automatic tranquiliser rifle, 5 50 dart magazines, 2 combat knives, night vision goggles, 20 micro gas grenades, 19 micro flash-bang grenades, tranquiliser hand-gun, 12 darts. I also grab whatever armour fits me. So that’s like a couple of shoulder pieces.

I put my belt back on and hide behind the door as it flies open.

I have the advantage here, they don’t have goggles on. I can see where they are, I shoot the furthest agent and as he falls the rest huddle around the noise. 

I stuff the flag into my pocket and sneak around towards the door, I slam it shut leaving a couple of gas grenades in there as a present. The next sound I hear is the coughing and spluttering of the agents as they hit the ground.

I rip off my goggles and I wrap them around the handle of the door; I hear a gun cocking behind me.

“Oh hi there, you must be our backup!” I say as I awkwardly turn to face the three agents with their weapons pointed at me, “We have him trapped in there with a few of our finest, so I’m sure you’re not needed here!” I grin.

“Nice try, Aaron. They say before opening fire, I avoid most of the darts, and the ones that hit me are where I’m armoured. I take out the three guards pretty easily… until I start to feel woozy and a little like I’ve been shot in the leg with a tranquiliser dart…

Funnily enough, I’ve been shot in the leg with a tranquiliser dart.

I take out my knife and cut the dart out, the pain wakes my up a little. Enough to move on and try to locate Dwight. 

Luckily, there’s a random agent just walking towards me. I hide until he walks past me, so I can surprise him. First thing I do is cut his radio. Then I cut his legs. He’ll live.

“Hey buddy, what’s your name?” I ask as I hold my knife to him.

“Reinhart” he says, nervously.

“Can I call you Reiny?”


“So, Reiny, I’m looking for a buddy of mine, he’s about 6’3… black hair, scar across his eye, kinda looks like Keanu Reeves… Seen him around?” He shakes his head furiously. “Do you know who would?” I ask.


“Then you’re no use to me!” I shoot him with the tranq gun.

I stalk through the corridors of the headquarters, towards the elevators. I figure if I head to Dwight’s office, I’ll either be greeted by him, or I use his security cameras to find him.

Everything is clear, until the elevators open and I climb in with 2 agents….


And beat the ever-loving shit out of them both.

I reach the top/ground floor. It’s pretty heavily guarded. I still have my rifle, so if I aim for necks and legs, I should be fine.

Then the wooziness starts again… perfect timing. I cut my arm and let out a slight groan, turning everyone’s attention to me. “Shit.” I drop my rifle and move like a cheetah!

I scurry across the room, avoiding darts and knives and trying to let off a few shots with the handgun and maybe take out a few dicks… I trip a few, shoot a few, gas a few, stab one… What? It wasn’t fatal!

Now there’s only a handful left. I manage to disarm them and take them on hand to hand, but with the wooziness and blood loss I’m honestly a little bit drained. One of them gets in a good shot at my ribs and suddenly I remember what Minus told me.

Flashing back, y’all. “Try to avoid taking shots to the ribs… I’m a good doctor, but I’m not that good. They’ll need a few weeks to properly heal.”

“God dammit!” I scream. Luckily the pain cuts through the wooziness and I smack that jerk in the mouth as hard as I can, he falls like a log.

“Okay stop for a minute!” I yell. They retreat and pick up guns. “I need a sec.” they start shooting; I use the jerk as a shield. “Okay asses. I’m pretty pissed now, so here’s my deal. Stop shooting me, and take me to Dwight… Or I’m gonna pick this guy up and use him as a giant baseball bat.”

They start shooting at me again, so I keep my word. I pick up the rib-hitting jerk and swing him at the left-over asses. They topple over. While they try to find they’re feet I shoot them with the tranq gun.

“You guys are rude!”

I push open the door to Dwight’s office, and the smug jerk is applauding and laughing.

“You my boy are incredible!” He stands and moves around from his desk.  “I haven’t seen anyone clear a hostile territory like that since your father.”

“I’m glad I could amuse.” I slam the flag on his desk. “You’re insane!”

“And you are an assassin.” He grabs the crumpled-up flag and un-crumples it. “Welcome to the Corps, ‘Prodigy’.”

“That’s a pretty boss Codename!”


Let’s end this ass-kicking mega chapter!

There ya go! Tune in next week for another one! 

Peace out Homies. 


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