Aaron’s on his way!

Okay guys! So the response since this morning has been overwhelmingly positive!

Im gonna take that as please let’s hear some story! So starting tomorrow, I’ll post the first three chapters every Saturday.

So look forward to Chapter 1 of…

Secret Diary of an American Assassin.



Greetings Aceholes!

Hi there!

So I recently just had a heap of new followers! So. Welcome new nerds!

Glad you found your way to my little creation here.


Ive recently been toying with the idea of using this blog to post little snippets of a story that I’ve been writing. It’s about an orphan boy who finds out his parents were assassins while they were alive. Then their former boss offers him a change to honour their legacy.

If you’d be interested in reading that, just send me an email or a message and let me know!

Thanks! Peace out homies!

My First Post.

Whaddup nerds! My name is Austin, but in High school I convinced everyone I was good at card tricks so they all started calling me Ace! and the name stuck after they realised I couldn’t even name the different suits of cards.
So yeah!!!

I’ll be talking about Movies, TV, Comics and general nerd stuff! So make sure you tune in if you care about that stuff! Because…. 5730a3bc45c42 111

Peace out homies!