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Okay, now it’s chapter 4!


I wake up to a loud crash outside. I run to the nearest window to see what’s up. I see a tall skinny guy who seems to be practising how to make things fall over. It looks like he’s training to take on an army of ceramic gnomes and brooms with a pole. He notices me watching and waves, I wave back. He then disappears inside.

A few minutes later I hear a knock at my door, I race downstairs and answer it.

It was the kid from next door. “Hey there, I’m Tim. Do you live here?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” I respond, “Why were you hitting things with a pole at 6 am on a Monday?”

“I like to start the day with a workout, kinda” he laughs. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Aaron.”

“Cool, will I see you at school?” Tim asks.

“Well no… I hadn’t actually thought of that.”

“Didn’t your parents enrol you?”

“No, they actually have been dead for many, many years.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry…” Tim appears to be shocked, “Well you’re the first orphan I’ve ever met… that’s kinda cool.”

“I’m glad the death of my family is amusing to you.”

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t mean your lack of family was cool, I mean that, you don’t seem all that disturbed. Which is cool. Why don’t you come to school with me today and we’ll see about getting you enrolled?”

I really had no interest in going to school. But I have no interest in being an assassin either, so I went with him.

 The next week was pretty uneventful, so I’ll just skip it… Actually, I wrote Jane a letter, I’ll just put that here…

 Hey Jane! It’s Aaron! I’m sending you this letter from my new house! Which is just awesome! My parents are still dead, which is less awesome, but they left me a lot of nice stuff! Also, made a new friend, his name is Tim. He’s cool! He helped me enrol at his school, I’ve been there a week now!

I had a job for about an hour and a half! Tim’s mom works at a law firm, I worked there until I punched a guy they were defending.

Anyway, Kayville is nice! People are cool, and I’ll write again next week.



I think that’s all. Yeah that’ll do anyway.

Let’s make this a short chapter, yeah?



Chapter 4 is now completed.


Initiating chapter 5.


Monday morning, time for school. it’s only a short walk from my place. Tim’s waiting for me out the front, like every other day last week.

“Morning!” he shouts from the other side of the driveway.

“And a good morning to you Timothy!” I say doing my best impression of sir Ian McKellen.

He responds with an impression of Patrick Stewart, “Shall we begin our journey?”

“Yes, we shall.” I got bored of the impression.

The last week has been great. I’d forgotten all about my parents and Dwight, I finally feel like a normal, everyday guy. Complete with friends and a job. Well, formerly had a job, anyway.

“Hey, Aaron. Why do they call it ‘Red Bull’ when the liquid inside the Blue can is Yellow? Why not call it ‘Yellow Bull’?”

“Good question, we should ask some of the higher powers to change it.”

We had a few conversations like that… I promise we’re not weird. Well maybe a little, but who the hell cares.

We arrived at school a little late, because I like sleep. So, we more or less ran straight to the first class. And the rest of the morning was pretty uneventful… until Lunch.

Tim and I came out of class and walked into the cafeteria.

“Hey Guys! Over here!” yelled a short bespectacled gentleman, a few tables over. “I scored us a sweet table!”

“What makes this table any different to any other table, Ryan?” Tim asked.

“I can clearly see Becca D’Angelo from here.” Ryan says with a huge grin on his face.

Ryan Davis was a little odd… His only desire in life is to sit at the opposite end of the room to a girl he’s never said a word too.

“So why not go over and talk to her?” I ask, taking a seat.

“What, are you kidding?” Ryan says, turning a shade of red, “She’d annihilate me.”

“That’s why you should go over.” Tim says. “I’d love to see you as a puddle under a cheerleader’s shoe.”

“Stop picking on Ryan. He’s not as smart as you guys are, he doesn’t always understand what you’re saying.” Says the young girl walking over to the table.

“Thanks, Stace. I guess?” Ryan sarcastically says.

“No problem, Bro!” Stacey replies.

Stacey was Ryan’s Twin sister, but the only thing they have in common is their birthday. Stacey is nearly as tall as I am and loves sports and outdoorsy stuff. Ryan recently spent 48 hours straight playing online League of Legends. Nuff said…

We sat and talked for a few minutes, then a little, pale, blonde girl silently took a seat next to Ryan.

“Oh hey! How was class?” I ask.

“It was good.” She mousily replies

Alexia Williams was a quiet girl; she’s barely said four words a day to me since I’ve been here.

“You know, one of these days I’ll get you to a full conversation.” I say.

“Don’t take it personally, Aaron. Alex was always the silent type.” Tim says.

“Alex… I don’t like that.” I say. “I mean, I get your name is Alexia, and the shorter of that is Alex, but to me you just look more like an ‘Ally’. What do you say?”

“Ally?” she says, a little louder. “I like it.” She smiles slightly.

Tim starts talking but I stopped listening because I saw the singular most beautiful girl on the entirety of earth walk through the door. She was perfect… She was more than perfect. She looked like what would happen if Perfect had a baby with Amazing. She was the type of girl who walked into a room and everything slowed down and Love Ballads from the 80’s started playing. I was instantly captivated.

“Hey, Tim. I don’t want you to think that I wasn’t listening to you… but I wasn’t listening. And who’s that?”

“Her?” Tim asks pointing in her direction.

“Don’t make it obvious that I’m talking about her.” I snap.

“Okaaaaay.” Tim says. “Her name’s Chloe. Chloe Miller… Beauty and Brains rolled into a Christmas package, and she is also, completely out of your league.”

“Woah, who says I’m interested.” I scoff.

Stacey joins in on the chat. “Well your eyes haven’t moved from her since she walked in.”

Ryan also felt the need to get a word in. “There’s the ‘Run away with me, Chloe!” look in your eyes.”

“You know, she’s a friend of mine, I could ask her to come over?” Stacey says. “I’m sure she’d love to meet you!” she adds.

“Well… I mean, if you want too, I’m open to it.”

Stacey stands up and yells across the room. “Hey, Miller! Come over here and meet my new friend Aaron!”  

“Could you have yelled a little louder Stace?” Ryan says.

“As a matter of fact, I could have.” Stacey grins. “Chloe, this is Aaron. Aaron, this is Chloe.”

I spring out of my seat

“Hey, I’m Aaron. Nice to meet you, my names Aaron.”

“Yeah, I heard.” She smiles and giggles.

“I said my name too many times, didn’t I?”

“Not at all!” She grins “Now I definitely won’t forget it.”

“I hope you don’t.” I smile back like a moron.

“So, you’re new here?” Chloe asks.

“No, I’ve been here a week. So not as new as you’d expect, but new enough to have never seen you before.”

“Yeah, my family went on a little trip and we just got back. It’s totally boring.”

“I’d love to hear a bit more about it if you wanted to maybe…”

Before I could actually ask her on a date I was interrupted. “Hey! Who’s this?” Says a voice from behind me.  

“Cody, this is Aaron. He’s new here!”

“Aaron! Nice to meet you buddy.” Says the walking letterman jacket with a bad haircut whose name is apparently Cody. “I’m Cody.” More like ‘Toady’… “I trust you’re having a good time talking to my Girlfriend?”

“Chloe’s your girlfriend?” I ask

“Yeah,” Chloe responds, “We’ve been dating about a month.” She smiles.

“Well if a great girl like Chloe thinks you’re okay, that makes you my friend.” I reluctantly hold out my hand and he shakes it firmly. A little too firmly.

“Well I guess I’ll see you around, chief.” He says, trying to assert his dominance by squeezing my hand a little.

“I’m gonna need that hand back, Cody.” I say, pulling my hand away.

He laughs a little, “Hey, babe… I think Tammy was looking for you.”

“Oh, right! I’d better go!” she kisses him on the cheek and leaves. “Nice to meet you, Aaron.” She says, looking back over her shoulder and then vanishing into the crowd. Leaving me with this dick.

“Okay, here’s the deal. I’m a reasonable guy.” He waves to someone I can’t quite see. “If you play by the rules, I’m a delight! If you don’t…” Suddenly a muscular, giant guy stands behind Cody. “I get my buddy Jason here to make sure you don’t every think about breaking my rules again. Okay?” he sneers.

“And what are the rules?” I ask, standing my ground when the behemoth stalks around to behind me.

“Rule one. Don’t touch what’s mine. And that…” he points to Chloe. “Is mine. Be friendly, that’s fine. But if I hear you about to ask her out again, I’ll get Jason to show you why they all call him ‘Tank’. Okay buddy, that clear?” Cody says reaching up to tap me on the head.

I grab his hand and fling it off me, then the ogre behind me grabs my arm and spins me around to face him. “He’s my friend. You got a problem with him, you got a problem with me.” He says before punching me in the stomach and throwing me onto the chair.

“I think that went well.” Tim says, as Cody and Tank leave.

“So, you’ve met my brother…” Ally speaks.

“Cody? Yeah, he’s great. He’s got a real Deniro thing going on there.” I reply.

“He’s a jerk.” Ally sharply responds. “He’s tormented me my entire life.” She adds.

“Well, I think he’s just got a new target for his hostility,” Tim chirps. “Aaron, here!”

Tim’s right. I better keep my distance for the foreseeable future. Haha yeah right. Have you met me? Let’s fast forward to later today.

It’s about 3:15 in the afternoon, the gang is all talking, laughing. And who should walk past, but Chloe Miller.

“Hey, Chloe! It’s Aaron.” I say awkwardly pushing past Ryan, who won’t get the hell out of my way. “Remember me, it’s Aaron!”

“Yes,” she giggles. “You made quite the impression.”

“Speaking of impressions… do you like comedy?” I awkwardly transition.

“I do in fact. Why’s that?” Chloe asks.

“Well there’s this comedy festival thing coming through and I wanted to know if I could take you?”

“You know I have a boyfriend, right? He won’t like you asking me out.” Chloe stoically states.

I grin from ear to ear. “I’m counting on it.” Cody comes traipsing around the corner.

“What are we talking of?” he stupidly asks, being stupid.

Tim smiles, “Oh, Aaron just asked Chloe to this comedy thing, and struck out…”

“Is that right?” Cody smiles despite the rest of his face looking like he’s going to vomit. “Guys, I need to have a word with Aaron. Please leave.” Chloe leaves, the rest stay.

“You don’t own these people Cody. They’re free to stay.” I stand my ground.

Ryan suddenly feels the need to speak. “Actually, I’d like to leave. I’ll see you guys at Aaron’s hospital bed.” He then bolts away.

“You were warned, new guy. Chloe’s my girl. And I protect what’s mine.” Cody attempts to use his five feet of height to intimidate me.

“And I protect myself.” I add, grinning.

“You think you’re some hero, don’t you? You think you’re gonna win and Chloe will choose you. Well I got news for you, she’d never choose you. Even if you were the last man on earth.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to prove you wrong.” I say, still grinning.

“Stop smiling!” he screams. “You arrogant tool!”

“Or what?” I grin even larger, “You’ll get your friend Jason to kick my ass?”

“Yes, I thought I made that abundantly clear this morning?” Cody says, as Tank appears from around the corner. “Kill him.” Cody says.

Tank advances on me. “I’ll make you eat your own teeth, Orphan.”

“You’re not gonna hit me.” I say, “I’ve known guys like you… they’re all talk, but when it comes to standing up, they can’t. So…”

Before I can finish my sentence, Tank’s fist contacts my face. “Who’s talking now?” he scoffs. Throwing a few more punches at my stomach and chest, before once again returning to my face.

I can hear Cody laughing.

I stand and throw my fist at Tank, who brushes it away, like a fly, and hits me a few more times.

Cody’s still laughing, a few more people have gathered around. I stand and hit Tank right in the mouth… and break my hand. He then turns savage and kicks my ass into a tree.

I black out after about 5 more punches.

And chapter 5 also blacks out.






































Yup, still unconscious…



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Okay guys, here it is! Chapter 3!

This may be the last one i post for a while…

Here it is!

The aforementioned, Chapter 3!  


The next morning, I jumped a bus and headed straight to Kayville! Well technically I took bus to a Davistown and then another to Kayville, because there was no direct bus line, but you know how busses work. 

I wandered around for a few minutes. Actually, it was more like an hour, and I got lost, which is ridiculous in a town that’s about 5 feet wide. P.s that’s an exaggeration…

Kayville was not like anything I’d ever seen before. Up until this point in my life, I’d only seen the inside of a creepy mausoleum and the surrounding sections of the city… but Kayville, Kayville was green, peaceful. It was a little too easy to get lost. The roads stretched out and spread apart like branches from a tree, but not a dead, ‘Bleakmore’ tree. A real tree. One like the kind that decorate the roadsides in between the tiny brick and wood houses that sit on seas of grass. Simples lives for simple people… I think I’m gonna like it here.

I end up wandering for a bit longer, lost in the atmosphere of the town, until someone taps me on the shoulder. 

the face I see when I turn around is literally the last thing I expect. 

a tall, thin but muscular frame, dark slicked hair, a leather jacket over a white button-up shirt, and a scar across his right eye which was also pale blue. Oh, and the other one was green. 

I can’t help but jump a little.

“Sorry man, you just startled me a little.” I say, trying to act like it’s not his face that creeped me out.

“It’s okay, kid. I have that effect on a lot of people.” You know how when some people talk, their voice doesn’t match their face, like a big guy with a little squeaky voice? Yeah well. This was not one of those occasions, his voice matched his appearance perfectly. It was just as startling and creepy as he was. All deep and husky. “Are you lost?” He adds. 


“No, not at all! Just taking in the scenery.” I reply, hoping I don’t end up in a van somewhere.

“Relax, kid. I’m not gonna hurt you. My names Dwight Collins, what’s yours?”

“Aaron.” I respond sharply.

“Okay, Aaron. Why don’t you tell me where you’re trying to go, and I’ll see if I can get you there?” 


“Okay, sure.” Okay in retrospect, not my smartest move, but it was cold, and I was tired and thirsty. “I’m heading for 12 Morlow street.”

He appears to be struck speechless, but I get proved wrong when he speaks. “And what’s waiting for you there?”

“I honestly have no idea.”

“Nothing’s been in that house for years, I knew the people who lived there. They died about 16 years ago… actually, now that I think about it, they died 15 years ago tomorrow.”

My parents only lived for about 3 days after I turned one! Shocking, right!

“You knew them?” I asked, with my jaw wide open.

“Yeah, Jim and Claire Curtis, they were good people, Jim and my dad were close, we were all in the same line of work.” He says, clearly remembering my parents. “Such a shame they were killed. I really liked them.”

“Can you tell me more about them?” I ask, almost in tears like a moron.

“Sure kid, but first, who were they to you?”

“They were my parents.” I say, looking up at him.

“Well then, I guess we have a lot to talk about, Aaron. Jump in the car, I’ll drive you to your house and tell you about your folks.”

He points to the single coolest car I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Is that a Chevy?” I ask, practically drooling.

“Yeah, 1970 Chevelle. Cost me more than I’d care to admit… Hop in.”

After I stop swooning, I climb inside the passenger seat of the black and silver beast.

“I just gotta make a quick pit stop, and then I’ll get you home.” Dwight says.


I don’t know what it was about Dwight. He was a nice enough guy, but he wasn’t the poster of kindness, he was more like the poster of a 90’s Bond Villain. He seemed cool, but other than the first 5 minutes, he didn’t really talk much.

“This car is so cool!” I swoon a bit more.

“Yeah.” Dwight replies.

See what I mean, he’s practically a mute. 

After about 5 minutes of driving, he stops out the front of a little brick building.

“Wait here, I’ll be a minute at most.”

He exits the car and approaches the building, before he gets to the door, a short fat man in a suit rushes out and hands him a briefcase and scurries back inside a moment later. Dwight comes back to the car and throws the case in the trunk before getting back in and taking off again.


“What was that about?” I ask.

“Just work stuff.” He relies pretty sharply.

“Cool.” Several awkward second follow. “So, I gotta ask, what’s with the scar?”

“Oh, this?” he says, pointing to his eye. “It’s just an accident, a little fight with my brother got out of hand.”

“And he cut your eye out?”

Dwight nods.

Suddenly Jane’s spy theory doesn’t seem so farfetched. I mean, Dwight said himself, his father and my parents were ‘All in the same line of work’. Then he picks up a mysterious case and calls it ‘work stuff’. Also, he looks like a total spy.

“Dwight, are you a spy?” I ask.

He looks at me strangely and bursts into laughter. “What on Earth would make you ask that?”

“So that’s a no?”

“Yeah, Aaron… That’s a no.” Dwight continues to laugh and comment on how ridiculous the idea of him as a spy is. Then he pulls over and tells me, “There’s your new home, Aaron. Well, technically it’s your old home, but it’s…”

“It’s perfect.” I say, in awe of the apparent simplicity of my home. “It’s just how I pictured… right down to the red door.”

“Aaron, come on. I’ll grab your stuff, you explore.”

It looks just like any other house, but to me it’s a palace. I’m just about to put the key my parents gave me in the door and Dwight stops me with his batman growl.

“Aaron, before you go in. I promised you some stories about your parents, and I’d like to deliver on that, if you’ll let me.”

“Oh, sure! Did you want to come inside?” I ask.

“I won’t take that long, you see. Your parents didn’t just work with my father, they worked for him… And the job was very difficult but twice as rewarding.”

“What was the job.” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t say CIA and prove Jane right…

“Well, every day, people would call my father, or the company, with problems. My father would take the names of the people who caused these problems and handed those names to people like your parents, whose job it was to make sure they stopped causing problems. Doing that meant the person who called paid a sum of money that was agreed upon earlier, some would go to whoever carried out the job and some went to my father.”

“Wait, back up… Are you telling me my parents were hired guns?”

“Well the actual term is Assassin, but yeah… They were. They were also the best, besides my father. Your father was the physically strongest assassin in recorded history, he could over power at least 8 fully grown men. Your mother had the greatest analytical and creative mind, her resourcefulness led to her eventually leading her own team.”

“How did they die?”

“They pissed off another assassin. One who took advantage of your birth as a distraction and then killed them. We looked for you for months, but we never found you, they’d already sent you away.”

“Why did you look for me?”

“Aaron, your parents were like family to me. That makes you my family as well. I wanted to raise you, give you a home and a family, but for whatever reason, your parents made other plans.”

I stop and take a seat on the grass, my mind still reeling from everything I’ve learned… “Could you leave me alone now?” I ask, hoping by the time i look up, Dwight is leaving. 

“I understand that this is a lot to take in, but you have to understand… after 15 years of not knowing what happened to you, I run right into you, searching for answers, answers I have… I want to help you, Aaron… Let me offer you a job.” He says, extending his hand to me, and pulling me to my feet. 

“Killing people?”

“No, you’d be making burgers for the staff.”

“Really?” I ask.

“No… you’d be trained, made stronger.” Dwight says, with a slight grin. 

“So, I could kill people.”

“It’s a job.”

“Thanks for the offer, Dwight. But I’m no killer. Now please leave me to my extremely complicated life!”

Dwight starts to leave, but pauses for a moment. “Aaron, what do you know about Adam and Eve?” He asks.

“The Bible story?”


“They lived in the garden of Eden together, God said don’t eat these apples, they didn’t listen. God got pissed, and threw them out.”

“An accurate, if slightly rudimentary summary. But you see, our society was founded on the belief that God’s gotten a bit lazy. Drug dealers, Rapists, Criminals, all living in Eden. So, we took it upon ourselves to pick up the slack.”

“To the highest bidder. I’m sorry, Dwight. But that all sounds like a load of rich, thick, creamy bullshit.”

“You sound just like your father, so I’ll tell you what my father told him. What we do is the only true way to make a difference in this world, we’re not senselessly murdering innocent people… we’re removing a small amount of societies less necessary filth. I’ll give you some time to think. Here’s my card…Take care, Aaron.”

And after that he leaves. Well on the bright side, I’ve been in town less than 3 hours and I’ve got a possible career… So, that’s something, I guess.

After all that’s happened the last few days, I couldn’t handle any more answers. I put the remaining ‘gifts’ from my parents in a drawer and put them out of my mind, and wandered through the house. Everything was covered in dust, a few pictures of my parents, a couch, a TV… not much else, clearly their lives weren’t extravagant. I climb the stairs and see their bedroom.

The house wasn’t fancy, their clothes weren’t outstanding, even their car was normal… who’d believe they were assassins. I fall on their bed and drift away to sleep.

Ending chapter 3. Wait am I on 3 or 4. Let me check. 


Yep Chapter 3. Well it’s over now. PEACE!\\


Okay Guys! I hope you enjoyed Chapter 3!

As I said earlier, i might not post anymore than this, I never intended to post anymore than the first 3.

But hey! If you’re liking it and want more let me know! if enough people want it back, i’ll reconsider.



SDAA Chapter 2!

Hey Guys! Thank you so much for the response from Chapter 1! It’s very rewarding to have your work appreciated!

And now! The somewhat anticipated CHAPTER 2!


As promised, the crotch-kicking, Chapter 2! Enjoy.


By the time I get outside, the sun’s setting and it’s starting to get cold. 

I sit underneath the ‘tree’ that Jane and I sat under nearly every day and I read my parents note one more time, specifically the last paragraph. This time I wasn’t strong enough to hold the tears back. A few drops trickled down my cheek, after that it was like someone opened a door full of water behind my eyes.

I don’t know how long I was there, all I know is the only thing that made me look up was thin, pale fingers on my shoulder.

“Aaron, are you okay?” I look up and see Jane standing over me.

See, I told you she’d be back…

“Yeah, I’m fine!” I nonchalantly reply, brushing my eyes.

“You’re sitting under a tree, balling your eyes out…” She says with a mixture of sarcasm and genuine concern.

“Yeah, I just got stung in the eye by a Bee, or a Wasp, or a… Stingray…”

“A Stingray?” she sits down next to me “On dry land?”

“It could happen… haven’t you heard of ‘Sharknado’?”

“Well, yeah. But I don’t think it’s based on a true story… plus ‘Stingnado’ just sounds ridiculous.” Jane puts her arm around me. “What’s that?” she says, grabbing the letter out of my hand.

“Go ahead, read it. Maybe it’ll make sense to you.”

Jane takes a few minutes to read the letter, her poker-face is lousy… you can tell she’s loving every second.

“So… your family could be like, spies or CIA! How cool is that!” Jane squeals excitedly

“Or maybe they were criminals…”

“Well, yeah… that too, I guess.” She says, lowering her excitement level by like a thousand. “Are you going to go to that town?”

“Not on your life…”

“What?!” she says slapping my shoulder with both hands. “You have to!” she slaps again.

“Okay, first… ouch. Second, I don’t have to do a damn thing. They weren’t around for my entire life, they can’t just offer answers now.”

“You’re an idiot. If it was me, I’d be sprinting to Kerrville!”

“Yeah, well, it’s not you! Okay?! This is my choice!” There’s a small awkward silence, “And it’s Kayville…”

“That’s a stupid name for a town.” Jane smirks.

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it? Sounds like something a 13-year-old came up with.”

“You should still go,” she says, breaking all levity in the air. “Don’t you want to know who you are?” she adds.

“I already know who I am Jane… I’m Aaron Curtis. Whether I know about my parent’s story or not.”

“I call Bullshit.” Jane snaps, interrupting my moment of personal victory. “You don’t want to go because you’re scared of the answers you’ll get. Because once you get the answers, you’ll have to stop asking the questions, and when you stop asking the questions, you’ll have to stop dreaming about this perfect couple you’ve created in your mind! You’re sacrificing the chance to get the real thing because you’re too busy fantasising.”

“Holy shit…” I suddenly became quite speechless. “That actually makes sense.”

“Of course, it does, I said it!” Jane says confidently before springing to her feet, grabbing my hands and pulling me up. “So, if I send letters to 12 Morlow Street, Kayville…?”

“I’ll reply.” I say hugging her. “Thanks, kid.”

“You’re welcome, ass.” She says squeezing me even tighter than Steph did earlier. “Oh! I nearly forgot why I snuck out to see you!” she says running over to the backpack she put down on the other side of the tree. “Remember last week how we snuck out and went to that Korean market, but we got caught before we could buy what we went in for? Well… I managed to go back and get them!” she pulls two hoodies from the backpack, one dark red, and the other grey. “The red one’s for you! I figured you’d wear it and think about all the shenanigans we got into.”

She hands me the jacket and I put it on straight away. “I’ll never take it off.” And I didn’t!

Seriously, anytime you picture me, unless I say different, picture me in a red hoodie.

 Jane squeezes me one more time. I smile down at her “You should get inside now… they’ll notice soon.”

“They never noticed before.” She says burying her head into my chest.

“Well you always had me to cover you, now you’ll have to get used to sneaking in and out on your own.”

“Goodbye Aaron… I’ll miss you.” Jane says, wiping her eyes.

“What do I always say?”

“It’s not goodbye, it’s just….”

I pick her up and spin her around a few times. “See ya ‘round.” I put her down and she runs inside.

I thought that was a pretty nice way to and that part of my life. Also, this Chapter!

What? You don’t think it was as good as the last one?

Oh, come on! That was an intense, emotional, character building moment you just experienced!

Okay… whatever dude. I promise, Chapter 3 is where the story gets swinging.


So, let’s go!

Okay Aceholes! That’s chapter 2! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Aaron is here!

Howdy, Aceholes!

Well here it is! The first chapter of Secret Diary of an American Assassin.

little bit of background about this little story… I’ve been developing this since I was around about 13 years old and the first couple of drafts were…. well they were awful.

But I think it’s finally in a place where I’m comfortable sharing it.

but only the first chapter… Enjoy!!


My name is Aaron James Curtis. Orphan, Student, Uh… I make a pretty decent Omelette, I’m a big fan of Michael Bublé’s work, avid Comic book enthusiast, I like Lego… yeah, I don’t really know how these things go… I’m kind of winging it here. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. Oh! I know… By the time I was 17, I’d killed 7 people as a professional assassin. You guys might want to remember that. It’s kinda important. Says it in the title…So, let’s go!



Um. I’m not really sure how to phrase this…

Chapter 1?

I guess? Whatever. I’ll just start. I grew up in an Orphanage just outside Ryker City. ‘The Sophia Ryker Children’s shelter’. It was named for the woman who opened it over 100 years before I showed up there. Sophia was a member of the Ryker family, the founders of Ryker City. She was the last member actually… her children and her husband were killed while she was on a visit to her cousin. Instead of wallowing in her grief, like any normal person, she used her dead husband’s money and influence to build the biggest, best orphanage in Ryker city, even if it was slightly outside the city limits.

Sophia transformed her childhood home ‘Blakemore Manor’ into the greatest institution for the care lost or unwanted kids in the entire country… but since then it’s let itself go a little.

I like to call it ‘Bleakmore’… the 6-foot-tall stone walls that surround it are almost like a fortress, and the manor itself is fairly creepy. It looks every bit as old as it is, from the large rusted metal gates that creek loudly every time they move even slightly, to the creeping plants that have twisted and contorted their way around the architecture.

Some people call it a mansion, but if you said ‘Prison’, it’d be hard to argue. No one can leave the confines of the gate without supervision, and even then, we barley get an hour. There’s no heat or air-conditioning, there’s a strict light’s out schedule, and the yard between the manor and the gate is so poorly maintained that no one ever goes outside, so most of the kids are pale and thin. The only way it differed from a genuine jail, was the staff. They were warm and kind, mainly women.  They did everything they could to make the place a suitable environment to make children happy grow into well-adjusted adults… but when you’ve been there for as long as I have, it doesn’t really work too well.

I stayed there until my 16th birthday, until I aged out. Which is a polite way of saying ‘we can’t afford you, you’re on your own… see ya!’. I never had many friends, not any that lasted anyway. For some reason, I was never adopted, by anyone… not even considered. My only friend was a girl named Jane Ryan, the day I said goodbye to her was one of the hardest in my life. Let’s relive it, shall we?



I was in my room, Packing. When Jane knocks on my door.

“Aaron?” she says, like every other time she’s come to visit from downstairs. “What are you doing?”

“Knitting a scarf. It’ll go so well with the sweater I did last week.” I jokingly tease.

“Aaron, can you just be serious for a moment.” Jane coyly enters my room and sits down on the bed.

 “I think we both know that’s impossible.” I reply, I can see she’s not playing around.

Jane usually carried a wide smile and bright eyes, but her usual positive demeanour was replaced by a stern expression that radiated irritability.

“There’s been some rumours you’re leaving. Is that true?” she says, running her hands through her deep red hair.

“I think you can tell that for yourself, kid. I’m not packing to stay.”

“But… it’s your birthday!” she said, looking up at me.

“I know right! Happy birthday to me! I finally get out of here!” I cheer slightly.

“Where are you going?” she asks, standing and slowly walking to the window.

“I don’t know yet. Just… away.” Jane just stands quietly staring out the window. “This has been coming for a long time, we’ve both been wanting to get out of here since… ever. It’s why we became friends”

“I remember,” Jane softly says. “We used to sit under that tree and plan our escape.” She says, pointing to the malnourished pile of sticks that can barely be called a tree.

I smile a little, “Remember when we actually tried?”

“We got pretty far.” Jane turns and sits back on the bed. “I still don’t know how you managed to jump the wall with me on your back.”

I sit next to her, put my arm around her shoulder. “Well, you’re tiny.”

We talked for a little while longer. It was really great, until Jane said this… “I just can’t believe you’re leaving me alone here.”

“I don’t have much of a choice kid.”

“Take me with you!” she springs onto her feet. “We could run to Ryker City, or Dreyburn, or wherever! We could just run and never look back. And we’d be together.” Her wide eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when she said that.

“We can’t do that kid. As bad as this place is, out there will be hell.” the only way I can describe what her face did next would be to picture the Dementors from Harry Potter. All joy left her face.

“We always talked about it. I just thought…”

I’m not usually the best at picking up on people’s emotions, but even I could see the tears building up in her eyes.

“Look, kid.” I stand and hug her for a moment, “This is going to be hard on both of us. Especially you.” she smiles a little.

“how do you always make me smile?” she says, wiping her eyes.

“Because comedy is easy. Hey, can I say something, really quick?” she sits back down on the bed. “Sure, go for it.”

“I just wanna say thanks.”

“For?” she says, looking slightly confused. I sit beside her again.

“For everything. Everything you’ve ever done for me, but mainly for just being my friend. I’ve never thanked you for that.” then there was a quiet moment where the two of us just sat, nothing else. It was actually great. Then one of the workers knocked.

“Aaron? When you’re ready, Steph wants to see you.”

“Yeah sure, just gimme a minute. Okay?” then he leaves Jane and I to our silence. Until she breaks it.

“I suppose you’ll be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow?” I nod my head. “So, this is goodbye, right?”

“Hey, what do I always say?”

“Get your own jacket, I’m cold too?”

“well, yeah… but what else?”

“I don’t care if you’re tired, I have news?”

“Closer than before, I guess. No! I always say, “It’s not goodbye, it’s just ‘see ya round’ right?”

Jane pauses for a moment. “You have literally never said that, the entire time I’ve known you.”

we laugh, “Yeah, I guess it’s relatively new. But still important. I’ll see you again soon kid, I promise.” and I never saw her again.

Just kidding! She comes back later. But we’ll get to that.


Anyway, after I left Jane, I went to see Steph, she was the head of the orphanage. I knocked on her door, “Come in, Aaron.” she says.

Steph was really cool, she used to be the one who looked after us, but then she got promoted, now she looks after the building as well. She was the one who raised me.

“Take a seat.” as I sat down, she pulled out a small wooden crate and some papers.

“What are those?” I asked.

“These were left with you when you were brought to us. There were several small items in the crate, all for you to have when you were old enough.”

“From my parents?”

“Yeah, they left a few things for you, but first, I’d like to have a little chat with you. When you were brought here, we found you outside…”

“Let me guess.” I said, remembering every orphan cliché from every movie ever. “It was raining, I was left in the crate along with an ominous note from my parents?”

“Actually. No, it was snowing. And you weren’t left in the crate. A man carried you in, the crate came a week later.”

“Who was the man?” I asked.

“He told us he was their next-door neighbour. All he said was he was with your parents before they died. They gave him instructions on what to do with you. One letter for us, two for you. Also, the crate had a few other items in there.”


“A key, a map, and a sealed box. They’re all yours now.”

“This is super weird.” I said, seriously doubting the reality of the situation.

“You’re telling me.” she replies, “This type of thing doesn’t happen very often, Aaron. Whoever your parents were, they left us instructions for this exact situation. I’ll let you read it.

“To whoever it may concern. For your own safety, I cannot tell you our names or how we died. But we are trusting you with the single most precious thing in our lives, our son.

His name is Aaron James Curtis. He was born on the 21st of September, year 2000. We are leaving him with you, we are trusting you. Do not let us down. The following are a set of instructions on what to do on the day he eventually leaves you. The crate that arrived with this letter should contain a box, a key, a map, a large envelope and a smaller envelope. See too it these objects remain untouched until the day he is no longer in your care. On that day, pass these things along to him as we have given them to you.

Regarding the contents, please do not alert any authorities or anyone who does not need to know. We want our child to grow up with a simple, uneventful life. The attention that the situation would bring would cause a media circus that would be counterproductive to the development of our son.

When he receives the things, we’ve given him, tell him to open the smaller envelope first. From there, it is no longer your responsibility. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter, you can understand the urges of a parent to make sure their child is cared for as well as possible, for this reason, we’ve chosen your establishment. Please, look after our boy. – Curtis’ “


I must have read that note 130 times, then a few Hundred more. “I guess it’s nice to know that they cared… I guess.” 

“Aaron, I don’t think I have to tell you how strange this is. Still we made a promise to your parents, here.” She slides a small envelope across the table.

I open it and examine the letter inside


“To our son.


Firstly, we want you to understand that your parents are not perfect, we have made a series of small mistakes that ultimately added up to one large mistake that lead to us not being able to see you grow into the great man we’re sure you’ve become. All we can do is try to guide you from here. 

First, go to a small town called Kayville. It’s 30 minutes from Dreyburn city. It’s the town you were born in, and the town your parents died in. The map we’ve given you will guide you to the town and to our old door. 

Our address is 12 Morlow street, the key we’ve given you opens the front door. You’ll find more answers there.

When you’re in the house, open the larger envelope, and then the box. In that order, only.  

Aaron. There are so many things we’re dying to explain to you. Who we are, why we’re no longer with you. I promise you that all the questions you have will be answered in Kayville. You just have trust us. 

Finally, we just need to say that we both love you dearly, and you’ll always be the best of both of us. 


Love always, your Father, James Thaddeus Curtis, and your Mother, Claire Isobel Curtis.”



Don’t you dare cry, I tell myself. Don’t you dare. 

“Well I guess that’s that!” I chirp, trying to fight my feelings for another day. “Can I leave now?”

“Yeah, Aaron. We just need a few minutes for you to sign some legal forms and then you can be out the door.”


I’ve been wanting this day for… Well, for as long as I can remember, the day I left this hellhole, but now it’s here and I’ve never wanted to stay anywhere so much in my life… It was simple here, I had a friend, I had a good life, no mysteries, no ghosts giving me directions from the grave. 

we rush through the paperwork and I walk through the door like an arthritic zombie.

“Aaron,” Steph’s voice booms through me, “you’re acting uncharacteristically non-verbal. I understand this is a lot to take in, but I need to ask, are you going to be okay alone?”

“I’ll be fine… I think. I don’t know… I guess I’ll find out” I smile and go to leave.

“Aaron, one more thing.” Steph stands and walks toward me.

“What else is there? Another cryptic note from my dead parents? Maybe I have an uncle who left me some crazy letters as well!”

“Nothing like that… I just want to say good luck, and now that you’re no longer one of my children I can be blunt… You’ve been dealt a shitty hand in life… but, if anyone can win with bad cards, it’s you.” Steph wraps her arms around me and squeezes me tighter than… I don’t know. Something that squeezes tightly. Metaphors are hard. “Oh and, happy birthday.” She says, smiling like an idiot.

 I smile back… and give ‘Bleakmore’ my final goodbye.

 I think this is a good spot to end Chapter 1. Now tune in next week if you want to start Chapter 2.

It totally kicks chapter one right in the crotch!


Okay guys! There it is! be gentle… feel free to voice your opinion in positive and respectful… and don’t steal it, or i’ll find you!

Peace out homies.

Aaron’s on his way!

Okay guys! So the response since this morning has been overwhelmingly positive!

Im gonna take that as please let’s hear some story! So starting tomorrow, I’ll post the first three chapters every Saturday.

So look forward to Chapter 1 of…

Secret Diary of an American Assassin.


Greetings Aceholes!

Hi there!

So I recently just had a heap of new followers! So. Welcome new nerds!

Glad you found your way to my little creation here.


Ive recently been toying with the idea of using this blog to post little snippets of a story that I’ve been writing. It’s about an orphan boy who finds out his parents were assassins while they were alive. Then their former boss offers him a change to honour their legacy.

If you’d be interested in reading that, just send me an email or a message and let me know!

Thanks! Peace out homies!

My first Top Ten!

Okay, I thought I’d do something different this week! My very own top ten list!

So, let’s crack on!

TOP TEN BEST SUPERHERO PORTRAYALS IN FILM/TV.  I’ll be counting down a few of my favourite superheroes as seen on the screen!

First, some ground rules! I’m avoiding Batman and Spiderman actors. There are too many and for the most part, they’ve all done a good job! And I’m also picking these on comic accuracy over the talent offered. And finally these are only my opinion, not legitimate fact, please feel free to voice your own opinion if you disagree with mine, but please be respectful and avoid saying I work for Hydra. Okay? Cool. 🙂

Number 10, Ron Perlman as Hellboy!

imageI really liked Perlman’s performance as big red. He was cool, calm and collected for the most part and added a real humanity, almost to the point where you forgot he was bright red. Plus the dudes a literal beast in real life.



Number 9! Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

imageI may be biased here because Hemsy is an Aussie boy like me, but you can’t deny the guys a very convincing Norse god. He’s got the flowy blonde locks and the build, and he swings a hammer as good as anyone. (I don’t know much about thor but I’ve gathered that’s all he does) yay for Australia!



Number 8! Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

imageFrom the second they released the promo image for the Amazon princess in BVS I knew they’d do a good job. Warner Bros. last good casting decision… They took a little known actress and turned her into a household name! And it payed off.



Number 7. Jon Berenthal as The Punisher.

imageThey got it right. Frank Castle is a tough guy to make likeable, but Berenthal does it! You truly see in his performance that he believes the life he’s chosen is the only option and from the second he was introduced in Daredevil season 2, it was clear that they weren’t holding back of the rage and violence that made ole’ franky so popular, but there was also so much heart to it as well (the scene in the graveyard where he’s telling Daredevil about his daughter. Tears.)



Number 6. Charlie Cox as Daredevil.

imageSpeaking of the man without fear! Netflix blessed us with a darker side of the MCU for the first time with Daredevil season 1, and it was fantastic! Thanks in no small part to the leading man! He’s a fantastic actor (who’s not really blind btw. He’s acting. I did not know that at first.) with a physical build you only get from working with marvel.



Number 5 James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier.

imageNumber 5 is a two for one deal. Only because I tried so hard to choose between the two and couldn’t do it. Both are incredible talents and both accurately represent Chuck at different points in his life (McAvoy the junior and Stewart the senior) both give their all in the role and both have the right look. Especially now that McAvoy is bald.



Number 4. Christopher Reeve as Superman.

imageNow, when the 70’s rolled around, Superman was still a Boy Scout who spat out cheesy dialogue with a grin whilst holding an eagle and standing in front of the Stars and Stripes. Reeve perfectly gave us a last son who was not only all of those things but more he was a nice, charming guy who just happened to be one of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy.



Number 3. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

imageIf you think he’s not perfect in the roll, then grab a Chimichanga and take another look at that picture. He perfectly blends childish humour, fourth wall breaks and as many Christmas references as he can stuff into a stocking. You know what, I’m not even going to talk about it anymore, I’m just gonna go watch Deadpool. See ya.



Number 2. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

imageAnother Aussie! For me, Hugh was my my very first introduction into Wolverine and from there I read a lot more comics. Hughey has always been a favourite of mine and 99% of the reason why is Wolverine. He absolutely kicks arse in the role and his rage yell is genuinely terrifying. Also. Abs.



And finally number 1! (Drum roll)

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man!

imageAdmittedly, I had no idea who Iron Man was before the movie, but once I did some research and looked into some older stories, I realised how perfect RDJ is. FYI one of the issues I read was demon in a bottle. The parallels between Downey and Stark are quite obvious for anyone who knows. But the most important thing is they both had major comebacks!


And yhats my list, let me know what you thought and share your list with me! Also if you guys have any other idea for lists, I’d like to do more in the future, so swing em on over!


Peace out homies!


Happy Anniversary Batman:The Animated Series

I couldn’t call myself a geek if I didn’t say something about this milestone!


This is the big one! Quarter of a century since the greatest animated superhero series of all time aired for the first time.

Batman TAS was a game changer, Not only neatly setting up it’s own mythos, but paving the way for future animated series’ like Superman, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. It also gave us the best possible voice of Batman in Kevin Conroy! To this day when I read any Batman dialogue in comics, it’s in that voice! And speaking of iconic voices… Mark Hamil anyone? Who’d have thought Luke Skywalker would be such a great Joker? And remain that way for 25 years! Seriously, these guys are still voicing Batman and Joker all these years later, fans just don’t want anyone else.

But the show wasn’t just great because of the voices, it also took the liberty of creating some new friends for Batsy to play with! Like Lock-Up, Baby Doll, Sewer King, Renee Montoya and Condiment King.

Oh and there’s one more…. Harley Quinn. That’s right! The creepy clown girl we all love got her start as eyecandy in the Joker’s gang! And now she is one of the most popular female character in comics.

This just shows how comited the writers and creators of this magnificent series were!


Happy Anniversary!

Controversial topic number 1: who’s the best Robin?

So. There have been about as many Robin’s as there are Spiderman movies.

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake again, Damian Wayne, Carrie Kelly…..

But who is the best? Tough question!

And yes, there is a right answer. Here it is.

First lets introduce and eliminate some Robins.

imageDick Grayson was the first and most famous Robin of all. But is he the best? He certainly made the yellow ‘R’ and red and green tights famous, but his fame and skill didn’t reach it’s peak until he broke from the bat and became Nightwing! So he’s out!

imageJason Todd was only Robin for a short time before being beaten to death by the Joker with a crowbar and left to die in a bomb blast. Although he eventually came back as Red Hood, his time as Robin was ended quickly. So he’s out!

imageCarrie Kelly was the Robin in Frank Miller’s gritty Epic The Dark Knight Returns. She’s certainly got some certificates in badassery, however she’s not technically in the main universe so she’s out. But it’d be a shame not to mention her.

imageNext is Stephanie Brown. She was really only ‘Robin’ for a few issues, the rest of the time she was starting gang wars as spoiler and breaking them up to earn Batman’s trust. Then she died. So she’s out.

imageNext is Damian Wayne. He’s out. Hate him. He’s alright as a concept, and the development with him and Dick as Batman is interesting but he is literally the worst.

imageWhich leaves the one and only Tim Drake. He is legitimately the best Robin. He trained with Alfred, Nightwing and Bruce, his detective skills are the best of any Robin, he made the classic Bo-staff famous, he was the first Robin to have a solo title as a hero in his own right, not just a sidekick. And also he had the best costume! So Tim is king. Don’t think so, I’ll fight you.


So that’s that! Hopefully you agree!  It’s all matter of my opinion, of course!

Now here’s a funny picture.


Peace out Homies!

The Great Game. aka 20 Questions.

The Game is Afoot!

Appreciate the Sherlock reference? Good! Just answering a few questions (20 to be exact!) to let you inside my mind!

Question Number the First: What is your name? Austin Geoffry Keith Burrows!

Question Number the Second: What is your Quest? To force my opinions on strangers on the internet!

Question Number the Third: What is your favourite colour? Blue!

Question Number the Fourth: Where do you live? I COME FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER! LA LA LA VEGEMITE SANDWICH!

Question Number the Fifth: Marvel or DC? Marvel over DC… Wait.. DC over Marvel!

WAIT! Marvel. DC…………… Batman. Just Batman.

Question Number the Sixth: Favourite Movie? The Dark Knight! The best Batman movie to date, and even if it’s not for long, I’ll always have the sentimental attachment to it.

Question Number the Seventh: How tall are you? 6’4! so, Tall! but a skinny tall.

Question Number the Eighth: Do you have any siblings? I have two older Siblings! A 28 year old brother and a 25 year old sister!

Question Number the Ninth: Favourite food? I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!!

Question Number the Tenth: What is the last thing you bought?  I’ve been working on a Urban Batman cosplay so I bought some armour for that. (Half way there. Go grab a drink, take a break, I’ll wait…)

Question Number the Eleventh: (Welcome back!) Favourite Marvel Hero? Either Wolverine or Spiderman… I do love Cap too though.

Question Number the Twelfth: Favourite DC Hero? I’d love to say Batman, but I recently went back and read some Nightwing, the Bludhaven arc to be exact. And I just love Dick’s journey after he breaks away from Bruce. So, Nightwing is my favourite DC character at the moment.

Question Number the Thirteenth: Favourite style of music? Music.. I really don’t have a ‘favourite’. But I was pretty much raised by Elvis and Sinatra, so I’d say Swing/Crooners.

Question Number the Fourteenth: Favourite TV series? Okay this changes almost daily! I’ll do an article on this in a few weeks! But off the top of my head, I’d have to say… TV.

Question Number the Fifteenth: If you could have any superheroes powers for a day, who’s would it be? Arm-Fall-Off-Boy! Who wouldn’t love to be able to pop their arms off and use them as a bat-like weapon…… yes, that’s a real power. no, it’s not my real answer. I’d probably pick Martian Manhunter. I just think he has it really well. He won the power jackpot! All the powers of Superman, Plus Shape-shifting, Telepathy, Invisibility, Intangibility all kinds of cool!

Question Number the Sixteenth: If you could live in a fantasy world, which one would it be? I’d love to be a Jedi, like before they all got slaughtered.

Question Number the Seventeenth: Favourite Cartoon? The old JLU animated series.

Question Number the Eighteenth: What are your hobbies besides movies and comic books? I love to sing and dance/perform on stage in general. I want to be a professional actor.

Question Number the Nineteenth: Relationship status? As Taken as Liam Neeson’s Family.

Question Number the Twentieth: What is most important in life? Serious answer time here. All I really want out of life is to share the things that I love with others, and hopefully inspire the same kind of passion.


So that’s me! Hopefully you enjoyed this little taste of me. That sounds dirty ahahahahah

Peace out Homies!