Happy Anniversary Batman:The Animated Series

I couldn’t call myself a geek if I didn’t say something about this milestone!


This is the big one! Quarter of a century since the greatest animated superhero series of all time aired for the first time.

Batman TAS was a game changer, Not only neatly setting up it’s own mythos, but paving the way for future animated series’ like Superman, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. It also gave us the best possible voice of Batman in Kevin Conroy! To this day when I read any Batman dialogue in comics, it’s in that voice! And speaking of iconic voices… Mark Hamil anyone? Who’d have thought Luke Skywalker would be such a great Joker? And remain that way for 25 years! Seriously, these guys are still voicing Batman and Joker all these years later, fans just don’t want anyone else.

But the show wasn’t just great because of the voices, it also took the liberty of creating some new friends for Batsy to play with! Like Lock-Up, Baby Doll, Sewer King, Renee Montoya and Condiment King.

Oh and there’s one more…. Harley Quinn. That’s right! The creepy clown girl we all love got her start as eyecandy in the Joker’s gang! And now she is one of the most popular female character in comics.

This just shows how comited the writers and creators of this magnificent series were!


Happy Anniversary!


Controversial topic number 1: who’s the best Robin?

So. There have been about as many Robin’s as there are Spiderman movies.

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake again, Damian Wayne, Carrie Kelly…..

But who is the best? Tough question!

And yes, there is a right answer. Here it is.

First lets introduce and eliminate some Robins.

imageDick Grayson was the first and most famous Robin of all. But is he the best? He certainly made the yellow ‘R’ and red and green tights famous, but his fame and skill didn’t reach it’s peak until he broke from the bat and became Nightwing! So he’s out!

imageJason Todd was only Robin for a short time before being beaten to death by the Joker with a crowbar and left to die in a bomb blast. Although he eventually came back as Red Hood, his time as Robin was ended quickly. So he’s out!

imageCarrie Kelly was the Robin in Frank Miller’s gritty Epic The Dark Knight Returns. She’s certainly got some certificates in badassery, however she’s not technically in the main universe so she’s out. But it’d be a shame not to mention her.

imageNext is Stephanie Brown. She was really only ‘Robin’ for a few issues, the rest of the time she was starting gang wars as spoiler and breaking them up to earn Batman’s trust. Then she died. So she’s out.

imageNext is Damian Wayne. He’s out. Hate him. He’s alright as a concept, and the development with him and Dick as Batman is interesting but he is literally the worst.

imageWhich leaves the one and only Tim Drake. He is legitimately the best Robin. He trained with Alfred, Nightwing and Bruce, his detective skills are the best of any Robin, he made the classic Bo-staff famous, he was the first Robin to have a solo title as a hero in his own right, not just a sidekick. And also he had the best costume! So Tim is king. Don’t think so, I’ll fight you.


So that’s that! Hopefully you agree!  It’s all matter of my opinion, of course!

Now here’s a funny picture.


Peace out Homies!

My First Post.

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So yeah!!!

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